They may want to spend a lot of time thinking about what they can do to punish those who have punished them. After they fall, there may be different moments in the pain they experienced as a child.

Feeling angry and angry also allows them to feel strong and resilient, but keeping these feelings to one side makes them feel weak and helpless. On the basis of this, seeking revenge is a method of avoiding their authentic feelings.

Not an option

If someone experiences life in this way and they cannot step back, they have no intention of changing their behavior. Ultimately, it may be in this aspect of their lives.

Another man or woman may talk to them, which is unfavorable and how they should stand their wounds, though it may fall on deaf ears. They may even switch to this person because they have no idea what they are talking about and are aggressively performing in their direction.

Looking for a way out

However, if a person knows what’s going on and it’s not getting them everywhere, they can look for a way to enjoy life. They know that some part of them wants revenge and that this similar element is also full of fear and completely powerless.

However, there may be times when they are completely absorbed in this part and lose the ability to see what is happening. But, despite the fact that this part is now being taken up again and again, it is not enough to stop them from moving forward with their lifestyle.

Balanced perspective

What this suggests is that they are focused enough on how futile it is to get caught up in something that happened many years ago. It is best not to make a terrible impact on their well-being, which will make them not living up to the lifestyle they clearly fit in with.

For them to come so far, they may have already worked out some of the pain they had. If they do not achieve this, then it is very tough for them to step back and see how their inner toddler is a good deal.


It may seem like a person is stuck in how they feel or they can move it regularly, but there is a problem with each other. They disconnect from how they clearly feel and act, even if their childhood turns out to be satisfying.

It makes them pleasurable to people, and makes them feel frustrated and tense between different things. Intellectually, they may have a perspective, though their body knows exactly what happened.


It is easy to state that this person is in denial and they have to face the reality, in any case they hold on to being silent. When they refuse, they may have a lot of pain inside them

Therefore, it is not something that they choose to do on purpose. It is a protection that has become an established area to keep them alive. Taking this into account, they may want to peel the layers that cover the inside of them step by step, and this may require outside support.

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