As I watch, I separate what is happening in front of me and wonder what the reason for this film is. The film’s goal has become to create more tension in humans with black and white holes and skin, and similarly, I think that’s what happens when the ancestral trauma is not resolved.

When it comes to the former, the Left has shifted its focus on identity politics, trying to divide black and white human beings for some time. This ideology portrays all white people as oppressors, and in this picture white human beings are seen as “colonists.”

Divide and rule

By listening to something like this, along with the conditioning they receive with the help of the mainstream media and education gadget, someone is more satisfied that every white person is bad. But, if every white person seems to have ancestors who played an element in what happened in Africa all those years ago, it is not always a miracle.

However, despite the ancestors involved in what happened to each white character, did they not feel wholeheartedly in punishing the people who followed them, trying to make them feel guilty and hating themselves for what happened in those years? The past?

Black and white

The big question is: are both mistakes right? This type of propaganda also means that white humans are the most influential race on earth, there are ancestors who enslaved humans from other races and none of their ancestors were enslaved.

Here’s another big question: Who on earth would benefit if people of these two races could work together and resist each other? Why does everyone want to see white people as the devil?

A big distraction

If someone introduces what the device suggests to them, and they are too busy hating white people or themselves (if they are white), that is a good way to ask those kinds of questions. The end result of this is that it does not interrupt those who walk morning and night to divide humans.

One has to wonder why the men behind the scenes are doing all they can to turn the white people into a demon, as they see their personal guilt and humiliation to be toxic. It is very much like how an unscrupulous person can blame their mate for being dishonest; The difference here is that it has to do with something, which is a lot more extreme.

An ethnostate

Although the film has a good deal with leftist identity politics in this regard, it does not go far enough to promote multiculturalism and diversity. Wakanda, U. S. B. In the film, black people live by human beings and it does not take the delivery of immigrants or refugees.

The primary priority of the countries is not to look after its citizens and try to maintain the relaxation of the arena. This approach differs considerably from what most countries try and do in the West – they have a lot of leaders in those international places, and their accepted leaders are their primary responsibility to solve the problem.

The Real World

Countries such as Hungry, for example, those who do not embrace multiculturalism for the diploma that other countries have, are often criticized for using the mainstream media. These international positions are often seen as xenophobic or racist.

So far, I haven’t heard it all and am using these phrases to describe Wakanda. It will be thrilling to see how the mainstream media, lecturers and world leaders explain it if it becomes a true USA.

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