I was reminded of studying ‘The Power of Others’ even when I turned to Stop London in 2014 and there were a few things I noticed. In the chapter I turned to at the time, the author touched on how miles are less difficult for a person to be interested in, but they may not get caught up in the ends, and he speaks of something that Mark Beaumont has.

This is the report that broke the owner of a distant British bicycle, and the quote identified in this ebook must have been a sign of his presence in his neighborhood. As Mark put it, “You don’t have the civilization to give up”, and this has changed the way I resonate.

No Choice

When Mark became cycling, he was talking about how he wanted to go. Throwing and blocking inside the towel is not something he can do for any purpose.

I was working through my own pain when I heard this quote, and it wasn’t an option I turned on the desk to give up, so to speak. I take my step of fueling and how I feel every day, I don’t have a very fulfilled presence.

Up or down

If I had not been in such pain, I would have been able to tolerate exactly what was happening and continue my lifestyle. But, because I was in a completely horrible place mentally, I couldn’t keep this part of myself and keep it regular.

Now, I want to give up; It’s not like a guy held a gun to my head. However, a big part of me knows how far I have come, and regardless of how I feel, I need to keep going until I can get back to work.

A simple theme

This way of responding to the harsh conditions that some humans have the ability to move from the lowest to the highest is evident in miles. Instead of allowing the pain they have experienced to define their existence, they have made their existence truly worth living.

When people roughly hear about how such a person lives their lifestyle, even if they are lucky, or they seem to have a good start to life. What they may not know is how they were able to utilize the pain of being on one end of the spectrum, leading them to a different direction of retirement.

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